Sail GP

Let's Sail into the World of the Metaverse

In 2022, Meta Architect Studio embarked on its ambitious flag project known as Sail GP, centred within the virtual realm of Decentraland. The primary objective of this endeavour was to seamlessly integrate the realm of sports into the burgeoning Metaverse. A remarkable feat was achieved as Meta Architect crafted an exquisite mega yacht, a symbol of their creative prowess, serving as a pivotal hub for immersive experiences. Not content with this accomplishment alone, the project expanded to encompass a visionary WEB3 office space, harmoniously coexisting on the same virtual parcel. Notably, the entire venture was underpinned by the robust Unity graphics engine, enhancing the visual and interactive facets of the experience. Sail GP stands as a testament to Meta Architect Studio's innovative spirit, successfully bridging reality and the Metaverse through compelling design, interactivity, and technological finesse.

Canada Sail GP
2022 Launched into the Metaverse of Decentralnd
2023: Work in progress to be launched on Spatial.

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