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Join me on the journey from the information revolution to the sensing data revolution.

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Let us take you from web2 to web3.

My vision is to take Architectural planning & Design into WEB3.0. The world is changing with an ever increasing speed of technological development. The way our cities look now compared to over a century ago is very different, and in a decade they will be unrecognizable. With XR technologies, we can have a huge impact on our surroundings, and take the main city square into any living room or work space with real-time rendering. in the same time frame Meta Architect is dedicated to develop, explore and design the XR solutions from both a technological as well as an aesthetic aspect.



We provide full 3D rendering, animation, and walk through your project in an immersive viewpoint environment.


We provide a service of world and game development for gaming studios, from concept art to world development and character development.

Digital Twins

Digital twins replicate physical objects, aiding simulation, monitoring, and efficient design and development, optimizing performance.

NFT's & Generated AI

Generative AI can easily scale to handle large volumes of data, making it suitable for big data analytics and large-scale content generatio

Public speaking

Engaging speeches at NFT NYC, universities, and diverse venues showcasing my expertise and inform about the metaverse.


Babylon 5

TCG World

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