Osher Ari Frank

Metaverse Architect, Unity Dev, VisionOS

"Crafting the Metaverse's future, uniting brands' visions. Embracing the DAO revolution, and shaping a decentralized world."

The forward-thinking Chief Architect and Founder behind Meta Architect, specializing in the art of creating and bringing to life immersive environments across a diverse range of sectors including architecture, gaming, fashion, and education. With a bold departure from traditional architectural practices that once focused on homes and commercial real estate in Tel Aviv's market, Osher took a monumental career leap into the digital landscape in 2021.

His transformative journey into the digital realm began with a pivotal invitation from the Toronto-based Blockchain Startup, Mavennet. Embracing this invitation wholeheartedly, Osher made the transcontinental move to Toronto, armed with his prowess in real-life spatial problem-solving. This transition marked the inception of his remarkable digital design career. His inaugural project, which involved crafting an immersive experience for Sail GP Canada, featuring a MegaYacht and a cutting-edge WEB 3.0 office building within Decentraland, showcased his innovative approach to merging virtual and tangible spaces.

Osher eloquently captures his transition, stating, "Embarking on a journey from conventional disciplines to the boundless expanse of the virtual world was irresistibly enticing. The Metaverse, with its technologies like VR, AR, and XR, offers an arena of infinite possibilities. Here, architects and designers can harness their creativity, imagination, and desire to reshape reality into a meta-reality.

"Noteworthy achievements punctuate Osher's career, including the creation of captivating gaming environments for TCG Worlds, as well as his visionary design of a groundbreaking Metaverse corporate tower that harnesses the power of WEB 3.0. Among his achievements, Osher also left his mark by designing a captivating digital mural enriched with an interactive NFT series for Mavennet, the pioneering Blockchain Startup.

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